Privacy Policy

This page will explain what parts of your data we use and where within the site. The site only uses small amounts of your data and we don't believe in selling it on to the dreaded spammers! So please do not worry about using the contact or event forms!

What data do we use and where.

The events page allows you to email details of an event to your friends, we capture and use the details on the form only to email your friend with the event in question.
The Contact us page allows you to email us here with any queries you may have. We capture the details you submit and email them to our admin team to help provide a better service to you.

Cookies used on the site

We don't use cookies. The system will not use cookies to store any data to your local PC.
The York RI

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 24th January
The AGM to consider reports and accounts for the year to 31st March 2017 will be at New Lane on Wednesday 24th January
Put the date in your diary, full details to follow.

We are open to public

We are open to the general public.
We have lots of activities that you can do without being a member a lot of which can be booked using the booking system.
We also have a variety of rooms that are available to hire. You can view the details here
Please browse through the site to see what we have to offer and please do not heistate to contact us if you require any help.